What is a Domain Name and URL – How to Host a Website?

As a young entrepreneur, you will be advised on getting a domain name for your start-up. Well, as most newbies you will have no idea about what is a domain name. In simple terms, a domain name is the identity or unique name of a particular website. Domain names are important as they are easy to remember unlike long IP addresses.

You can have a website named as “How to cook Pizza” however the domain name can be “HTCP.com”. So this makes it quite convenient for visitors to type the domain name and directly come to your corresponding website. In other words, domain name is nickname for your website.

Difference between URL and Domain Name

Most people confuse URL and Domain Name together as they can’t differentiate accurately. Googling the subject does give some insight however understanding the core difference as a layman is important.

URL or Uniform Resource Locator basically refers to the complete address of the website such as http://HTCP.com. In this example, HTCP.com is the domain name whereas the complete address that comes up in the search bar is known as URL.

Definitions of TLDs, gTLDs, ccTLDs and Second Level Domain

Firstly don’t panic after reading all these technical terms. They are quite simple to understand and will help you grasp the necessary knowledge to build an effective website. A quality website will ensure that you attract a wider customer base and generate more sales for your ecommerce online business. In case, you are running a blog or personal website, you will get the necessary visitors and readers.

TLDs – Top Level Domains or TLDs basically are just one suffix. They are the extension of your web domain. Some examples are .com, .net, .info etc.

gTLDs – Generic Top Level Domains are more common suffixes that are commonly known such as .biz,. online, .website, .live etc.

ccTLDs – Country Code Top Level Domains are suffixes common to a particular country. They basically inform the origin of a particular online website. Some examples include .pk, .uk, .fr, .au and many more.

Second Level Domains – 2LDs are basically second level to the parent domain name and are primarily used before TLDs. For example .com.au, .com.pk etc. Second level domain names are primarily used by businesses when a domain name similar to their business name isn’t available.

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