Web Hosting Corporation Closes Conservative Website Calling for Target Store Boycott

A conservative group called 2ndVote called for a complete boycott of the chain stores Target right before the holiday season because of their controversial bathroom policies. However, a month before Christmas, the web hosting company Leadpages that is providing hosting services to their boycott campaign website sent a request to 2ndVote to take down the page themselves.

The email was sent to the 2ndVote group from the director of operations at Leadpages, Doug Storbeck. Doug stated that the website was in violation of their terms of service. There is a portion in the client-provider agreement which prohibits any type of content that promotes hate or discrimination based on color, race, sex, nationality, religion, marital status, ethnicity, disability, age and sexual orientation. They raised objection to the website’s discriminatory campaign.

Storbeck of Leadpages also wrote in his email that their web hosting service supports the creation of an all-inclusive workplace that holds all people in equal dignity. They celebrate value and respect the differences and individualities their employees hold and honor people from all walks of life regardless of their caste, creed or personal preferences.

Director of communications at 2ndVote, Robert Kuykendall, said that Leadpages noticed how well their campaign was doing and has taken this step as tactic to censor ideas which do not conform to their own and they will not be bullied by liberals into thinking their cause is discriminatory or hateful. In his official statement he said they will not be successful in covering up the scandal and the #AnywhereButTARGET movement will carry on with or without a website.

Executive director of 2ndVote, Lance Wray, says that despite the liberal’s call for inclusion and tolerance they are quick to discredit any ideas that do not agree with their view of the world. Wray explained that by saying their campaign is based on intolerance, hate, inequality and discrimination they are devaluing us which is completely wrong. The outcry is because of a concern for safety and protection of the sanctity of the community. Wray says that the most hateful and intolerant responses to the campaign have only been the ones from the liberal’s side.

The website was taken down on Thanksgiving Day but it went back online shortly afterwards. Target did not respond on the entire episode or on the #AnywhereButTARGET campaign.